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A lot of people tend to put of making a will leaving it for another day. However making a will can put your mind at ease and ensures that your wishes will be followed in the event of your death.

It is always a good idea to update your will regularly as your personal circumstances can change as time passes. Contact our experienced team of solicitors at Larkin Cassidy to discuss further.

Have you made a Will?

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Have you made a will? Are you worried or concerned what will happy to you assets or how your family will be supported after you die. These are legitimate concerns and should be addressed as a matter of urgency. Our experts at Larkin Cassidy Solicitors can assist you how in drawing up a will which best suits your particular circumstances. This should not be a difficult task. Indeed, at Larkin Cassidy Solicitors we are of the view that the in the majority of cases the best wills are generally the least complex wills. This minimises the stress for you when preparing a will and reduces professional costs when gifts and legacies are made from your estate.

We believe that everybody should have a will and that wills should be reviewed regularly to allow for changing circumstances. Remember people don’t necessarily ‘die in order’ and anybody could be taken from us at any time. Contact our experts at Larkin Cassidy Solicitors for friendly professional advice and ease the worry that nags at all of us.


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Probate is the legal process by which assets are distributed from the estate of the deceased. If a will has been made the assets will be distributed in accordance with the terms of the will. The deceased (testator) will have appointed at least one person to deal with the formalities (the Executor). If the estate is small the Executor may be able to deal with these issues themselves, if not they can engage an expert at Larkin Cassidy Solicitors who will process these matters on their behalf. Whilst the process can be relatively simple, often times there is a lot of paperwork involved in ensuring that all assets are paid into the estate and that gifts and legacies are paid out correctly. Larkin Cassidy Solicitors can assist you with this process and, make sure that you are correctly advised on inheritance tax issues by completing the relevant forms for HMRC.

If a will has not been made, the deceased is said to have died ‘intestate’. We at Larkin Cassidy Solicitors can assist in appointing next of kin as the Administrator of the will and ensure that the estate is distributed in accordance with the rules of intestacy and in a lawful manner.

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