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Road Traffic Accident Personal Injury Compensation Claim

10th August 2019

Larkin Cassidy Case Study

At Larkin Cassidy we have extensive experience in recovering compensation for personal injuries as a result of road traffic accidents, tripping accidents, slipping accidents and accidents at work. Over the last number of years Larkin Cassidy have settled hundreds of claims for personal injury. 

In a recent action Larkin Cassidy were instructed in relation to a claim for damages following a road traffic accident whereby our client was a driver of a vehicle which was struck from behind by another vehicle. Our client’s vehicle sustained extensive damage to the rear and the car was deemed un-roadworthy. Our client also sustained soft tissue type injuries to their neck, shoulder and back as a result of the collision.

Larkin Cassidy successfully recovered compensation for the personal injury sustained and also recovered our client’s personal expenses in relation to physiotherapy. In respect of the vehicle damage our client recovered the cost of repairs of the vehicle, the cost of hire car and also the costs in relation to the diminution (loss) of value of the vehicle. The matter successfully concluded within a matter of months from the date of the incident and our client is thankfully making a good recovery from their injuries.

Should you be involved in a road traffic and sustained personal injury or loss of damage please contact Larkin Cassidy solicitors for further advice.