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Judicial Review

Larkin Cassidy are experienced in taking Judicial Review applications and have enjoyed considerable success in this field. A Judicial Review may be taken in circumstances where you wish to challenge a decision of a government or semi-state agency, for example a prison, health service trust or the Education authority.

Judicial Review actions are subject to strict time limits and should be taken as a matter of urgency. If you think you may have a matter which requires a judicial review contact our experienced team of solicitors at Larkin Cassidy to discuss further.

Housing Issues

Our experts have experience of bringing judicial review cases against the Housing Executive in all sorts of situations. This includes instances were you may feel that you have not been allocated enough points, or where the Housing Executive have declared you as being “voluntarily homeless” in circumstance where you feel that decision was unfair. Our expert lawyers have also brought cases against the Housing Executive were the Child’s rights were held to not just resonate from the parents. It is therefore unlikely that many “voluntary homeless” cases will be upheld if children are involved. Depending on you financial circumstances legal aid may well be available to enable you to pursue your case.

Trust/Social Services Issues

Do you feel that a Health and Social Services Trust have made a decision which you believe is unfair? This decision may be able to be challenged in the courts, perhaps by way of judicial review. This could be decisions relating to your child’s education, contact with your child, or any other issues affecting you. Contact Larkin Cassidy Solicitors immediately for a professional opinion.

Security Services/Prison Services/PSNI

Have any of the Security Services had an impact on your liberty, or well being whilst in custody?
Our lawyers have experience in bringing cases against all the above parties. This includes all medical issues whilst in Prison, including challenging the food provided to inmates. Our expert lawyers have successfully challenged the issues of Money Warrants, and whether the execution of the Warrants is always lawful. Sometimes, these Warrants are very old, and can be the subject of successful challenge in the courts. Our solicitors have experience of getting clients released in such instances and have now change the law in this area. If you have been arrested on a money warrant you may well have grounds to claim damages for false imprisonment. Let the experts at Larkin Cassidy Solicitors help you by contacting us.

Criminal Injury Appeals

We can challenge the decisions of the Criminal Injury Appeals panel, if we believe that they have acted unlawfully in the compensation that they have offered you. We can guide you through the process, making sure that they have taken account of all relevant experts on your behalf, and not stepped outside the boundaries of their authority. We can assist you in completing an application to the Compensation Agency to claim damages for personal injury be it of a physical or nervous shock nature.

Any Other State Bodies

If you feel that the decision of any state body appears to you to be unfair, please contact us immediately, and we will be able to advise you. It is important that action is brought quickly in any such instance to ensure a satisfactory outcome for all concerned. At Larkin Cassidy Solicitors, we place great emphasis on acting speedily and professionally to deal with any queries you might have.

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