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Criminal Law Cases

Larkin Cassidy offer full representation in respect of legal offences from the police station through to all your attendances at Magistrates and Crown Court. We are one of the most experienced legal firms in this area and handle all type of criminal cases from serious assaults, sexual offences, theft, fraud and dishonesty, drugs offences and all motoring offences. We ensue that clients are provide with expert advise and that all steps are taken to prepare their defence. Contact our experienced team of solicitors at Larkin Cassidy to discuss further.

The Police Station

As a suspect at a police station for any matter you are entitled by law to free and independent legal advice. Our lawyers work round the clock, providing support and advice for all criminal cases. We operate a 24 hour call out service for anybody arrested and is to be interviewed. We can also accompany you to police stations for interview by prior appointment at almost anytime. Free Legal Aid is available in almost all instances at the police station, so no matter how you come to be there, ask for Larkin Cassidy Solicitors.

The Magistrates Court

If your criminal case comes to court this is where it starts. Stephen Cassidy and our lawyers are experts on criminal law and are on hand to help you through what may otherwise be a worrying experience. We will ensure you understand the courts procedures and are always consulted about and involved in decisions affecting your case. It is important to us that you are comfortable throughout the entire court process. We will ensure that if you are eligible free legal aid will be applied for and obtained. Criminal cases typically before a Magistrates Court includes motoring offences, less serious assault, drugs, criminal damage and theft cases, benefit fraud and domestic violence type cases.

Road Traffic Cases

Even the simplest of cases can give you the worst of headaches. Caught speeding in one of those mobile radar traps? Well how does that radar trap work, and was it working properly the day you went through it? How was the equipment tested and was it being used properly by the police? Is it a straightforward case? — let the experts at Larkin Cassidy Solicitors steer you to a successful outcome. Stephen Cassidy has a wealth of experiences in successfully defending clients accused of speeding, drink driving, driving with no insurances, careless driving and dangerous driving.

The Crown Court

The more important and often more serious cases go to the Crown Court. Our service to you here is an extension of what we offer in the Magistrates Court. We are expert advocates, with great experience in questioning the evidence offered by the Prosecution. We can instruct expert evidence in technical defences, and your case will always be dealt with by a skilled and experienced advocate.

Our lawyers have a long and often successful record of cases in the Crown Court. Whilst all criminal cases initially begin in the Magistrates Court, the more serious cases are sent or ‘returned’ to the Crown Court. Generally free legal aid is available in the Crown Court given the seriousness of the offences. Stephen Cassidy has, through the years, successfully represented a large number clients charged with serious assaults such as grievous bodily harm(GBH) and Assault occasioning actual bodily harm (AOABH), manslaughter, murder, serious sexual offences including rape, armed robbery, threats to kill, possession and supply of drugs and serious theft and fraud offences.

Other Services

Larkin Cassidy Solicitors specializes in many areas of representation and advocacy broadly encompassed in a criminal case. Our work includes areas as diverse as liquor licensing, PSV and taxi licence appeals. Whichever side of the divide you fall, we have an understanding of what your opposition is doing: and that knowledge may just help to win your case. At Larkin Cassidy Solicitors we deal with all aspects of advocacy and representation both in the Courts and lesser tribunals.

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