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Contesting an Assault Allegation

3rd August 2019

Larkin Cassidy Case Study

Larkin Cassidy recently represented a client charged with motoring offences and assault arising out of an alleged ‘Road Rage’ incident at a busy shopping centre car park. Our client who had never been in trouble before, was arrested by police and taken to a local police station. Larkin Cassidy offered a full range of Legal Services to our client providing advice at the Police station where our client was interviewed in relation to the matter and providing full representation at the Magistrates Court in relation to the Prosecution.

Ultimately the case proceeded to contest however upon hearing the case the presiding Magistrate vindicated our client by finding in favour of him, dismissing the assault charges against him and stating that they simply did not believe the allegations made by the complainant. Our client had always accepted that a minor collision had occurred and his licence was endorsed with 3 penalty points and a small fine imposed. If convicted of assault our client may well have lost his public sector job.

Please contact Larkin Cassidy should you face any criminal charges and we will be more than happy to provide you with full advice representation in this matter.