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Appealing an European Extradition Arrest Warrant

8th August 2019

Larkin Cassidy Case Study

Larkin Cassidy recently represented a client who had been arrested by immigration authorities in relation to European Extradition Arrest Warrant issued by Poland. Polish authorities had sought the extradition of our client back to Poland in relation to a minor offence which occurred some 15 years ago when our client was a very young man. Our client has been residing in Northern Ireland for over 12 years, was in full time employment, married and had 4 children. Our client and his family were dependant upon him as the main breadwinner for the household.

Our client was an integral part of the community being involved with the local schools, sport clubs and arts clubs. Our client instructed us to contest his extradition to Poland. The extradition process can take anywhere between 3-6 months and if our client had of been extradited he may have been subject to a term of imprisonment in Poland for up to 2 years. Our client would have been pulled away from his very young family and would have lost his job which as the breadwinner for his family would have put immense financial pressure not only on his immediate family but on social services and estate agencies in relation to supporting his family in his absence.

Larkin Cassidy Solicitors successfully contested our client’s extradition to Poland. Larkin Cassidy secured the release of our client on bail to ensure that he could continue to work and support his family.